Basic Introduction of what flex boxes are and their containers. ✌

Let’s talk about how to layout a webpage using flex boxes step by step.

When we creating a webpage, we typically use different positional properties such as position, absolute or relative, to get elements exactly where we want them on the web page. …

Continued from the article “Flexboxes in CSS” 🙃

There are 6 main properties in the flexbox element

  1. Flexbox-grow
  2. Flexbox-shrink
  3. Flexbox-wrap
  4. Flexbox-direction
  5. Flexbox-basis
  6. Flexbox-flow

In this article, we are going to discuss the first three of the above list.

Here we go…

1. Flex grow property

In the last article, I have demonstrated the basics of flexbox. So there you can see that much space is left in the container.

That’s not…

Isurindi Manimendra

Undergraduate | Faculty of Information Technology | University of Moratuwa

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